STUART ORCHARD releases ODE TO A DRONE (a sortie of ODE TO A CLONE remixes)

What happens when one of Perth’s finest alt-folk pop rockers gets together with some of the city’s most exciting emerging music makers? Stuart Orchard’s Ode to the Drone record  – a brilliant final salute to his acclaimed Ode to a Clone album. With remixes by Ylem (The Community), Neli (RTRfm), Boogie Smash and Edward Sparks, Ode to a Drone re-imagines the strange and beautiful soundscapes of Orchard’s original record with a dark digital twist.


The wonderfully imaginative world of Stuart Orchard has expanded and evolved yet again, with the arrival of the enigmatic West Australian’s second album, Ode to a Clone. From his trademark left-field pop, to the eerie beauty of its title track, the album is thoughtfully crafted and delivered, setting a new creative benchmark in Orchard’s already impressive discography.

At some point in the last five years, Orchard realised that, as a musician, his passion – and what he wants to be known for – is pushing boundaries. So, progressively, his music has become more and more free to just be whatever it wants to be; using an incredibly vast musical palette to complement his knack for writing a majestic pop hook. As such, Ode to a Clone is a marked musical step forward from Stuart’s 2013 EP Crucial Colours, which itself was a bold progression from his 2010 debut album, Uneven Seagull, and the handful of EPs that preceded it.

Not surprisingly, the creative process behind writing and producing Ode to a Clone was itself rich and interesting. Having already toured Australia extensively, in 2013 Stuart decided to head to Berlin for a change of scenery and perspective. Initially tinkering with the idea of producing an album entirely in Garage Band, it wasn’t long until the wonderment of one of the world’s great cities had begun to take effect, and the grand scope of the album started to take shape.

Using friend and sound engineer Damian Giambazi’s Kreuzberg apartment as HQ, Stuart started writing and demoing tracks early 2013, building them via correspondence with Perth-based band members David Dower (keyboard) and Daniel Hall (guitar). Further enlisting French musicians Manon Parent (violin), Amelie Legrand (cello) and Berlin musicians Achim Hilgert (bass) and Martin Kruemling (drums), the grandeur of the album-to-be was soon apparent in the lush contributions of each incredibly talented player.

A chance encounter with renowned producer and label boss Mark Reeder took Orchard’s raw and ambitious ideas to another level. Reeder’s lengthy experience with artists as esteemed as Joy Division, New Order, Depeche Mode and Petshop Boys, refined the experimental and riotous side of Orchard’s music. Reeder’s penchant for deep sounds expanded the sonic quality of Orchard’s songs into a feast of musical flavours, revealing more with every listen.

From slaving over programming beats and notating his compositions, to walking around Hasenheider Park every day, guitar in hand, practising his playing and singing for the album; creating Ode to a Clone was Orchard’s entire life for a year… and the results speak for themselves.

Beautifully produced and capturing the heart and soul of Stuart Orchard and his incredible band – Ode to a Clone is a masterwork of an album, made triumphant by a lot of hard work and a lot of love. From its bountiful moments of emotive, ambient pop, to its crazy moments of Middle Eastern disco and R&B, Ode to a Clone is as exciting and unpredictable as the artist who brought it all to life.

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